Satellite Workshop – Automatic Speech Recognition in Air Traffic Management (ASR-ATM)

The purpose of this satellite workshop is to bring together Speech Recognition and Air Traffic Management (ATM), i.e. all the experts available at the Interspeech and the ATM World. Different presentations are especially addressing the topic of speech recognition in ATM, asking questions and putting challenges for both sides on the table.

Date/Time: 30th of August @ 14:00 CEST
Free of charge
Location (more info below): Virtual or Room G.108 @ Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology

The workshop is organized as a hybrid event:

  • For In-Person attendance the event takes place at room G.108 @ Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology at Božetěchova 1/2, 612 00 Brno. If you want to join in-person please contact: petr dot motlicek at idiap dot ch
  • If you prefer to participate virtually contact for the meeting link and access details


Hartmut Helmke (DLR)

Overview and Introduction of the Satellite Workshop

Raquel Garcia Lasheras (CRIDA), Adrián Fabio, Fernando Celorrio, Juan Albarrán, Nadal Ceñal, Carlos Pinto de Oliveira, Cristina Bárcena Martín, Julián Chaves Cáceres and Mhamed Fillal Kilch

Flight callsign identification on a Controller Working Position

Presentation Slides

Iuliia Nigmatulina (Idiap), Rudolf Braun, Juan Pablo Zuluaga and Petr Motlicek

Improving callsign recognition with air-surveillance data in air-traffic communication

Shuo Chen, Hunter Kopald (MITRE), Weiye Ma, Robert Tarakan and Yuan-Jun Wei

Air Traffic Control Speech Recognition

Presentation Slides

Amrutha Prasad (Idiap), Juan Pablo Zuluaga, Petr Motlicek, Oliver Ohneiser, Hartmut Helmke, Seyyed Saeed Sarfjoo and Iuliia Nigmatulina

Grammar Based Identification Of Speaker Role For Improving ATCO And Pilot ASR

Presentation Slides

Break of 30 minutes
 Fernando Celorrio (CRIDA), Adrián Fabio, Raquel Garcia Lasheras and Carlos Pinto de Oliveira

Workload calculation based on Air Traffic Controllers’ utterances using Automated Speech Recognition

Petr Motlicek (Idiap), Pavel Kolcarek

The ATCO2 project: Creating a commonly available data base for training ATC ASR models

Presentation Slides


Pavel Kolcarek (Honeywell CZ):

Honeywell Speech Solutions

Presentation Slides

Hartmut Helmke (DLR), Shruthi Shetty, Matthias Kleinert, Oliver Ohneiser, Heiko Ehr, Amrutha Prasad, Petr Motlicek, Aneta Cerna and Christian Windisch

How to Measure Speech Recognition Performance in the Air Traffic Control domain? The Word Error Rate is only half of the truth!

Presentation Slides

Approx. 25 minutes of Questions and Answers and the Future of ASR in ATM 16:35
End 17:00