First Stakeholder Workshop

The first Stakeholder Workshop of the HAAWAII project is coming closer. The HAAWAII team wants to present and discuss with all interested parties what has been achieved so far, how the roadmap looks like, which challenges have to be solved and maybe take a peek into the future.

Save the date 28th and 29th of June
– Mandatory Pre-registration is now open! –
(Hosted by Austro Control)

For registration please express your interest with name, company and topic of interest for working groups on both workshop days (only 1 workshop per day) as soon as possible to:

Preliminary Agenda


The Horizon 2020 funded HAAWAII project develops a reliable, error resilient and adaptable solution to automatically transcribe voice commands from air traffic controllers (ATCO) and pilots.

Using machine learning, the project builds on very large collections of speech data, organized with a minimum expert effort, to develop a new set of speech recognition models for the complex ATM environments of the London terminal area (TMA) and Icelandic enroute airspace. Speech and surveillance data recordings from real-life pilot-controller communications, i.e., directly from the operations rooms, are used.

HAAWAII aims to significantly enhance ATM safety and reduce ATCOs workload. The digitization of controller-pilot-communication can be used for a wide variety of safety and performance related ATM improvements. Proof-of-concept applications are readback-error-detection, callsign-highlighting and ATCO-workload-estimation.