Successful Speech Recognition integration tests into ops room environment of Isavia ANS

The HAAWAII automatic speech recognition and understanding system (ASRU)  was successfully tested in the operational environment of Isavia ANS, the Icelandic air navigation service provider.

The HAAWAII ASRU was directly connected with the controller working position of the voice communication system receiving direct audio of the ATCO and Pilot communication. At the same time live surveillance data was streamed towards the ASRU over ethernet from the Isavia ANS tracker to improve callsign recognition.

The tests were performed in the Isavia ANS Air Traffic Control Centre at the 29th of June 2022.

The recognized words and semantic interpretations, i.e., callsigns and commands, were shown at the demonstration display of HAAWAII.

This was a very first test and demonstration that the HAAWAII ASRU can be technically integrated into an ops room environment. Further demonstrations will follow with Isavia ANS air traffic controllers after the summer period.