First Stakeholder Workshop – A short report

Austro Control (ACG) together with the other HAAWAII project partners organized the first Stakeholder Workshop from 28th to 29th of June 2021. Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic this workshop could not be held on ACG premises and had to be moved to a completely virtual meeting. To ensure a smooth workshop, NATS provided the proper support with their Microsoft Teams infrastructure.

The Stakeholder Workshop was divided into different parts. Each day started with presentations about the project and related content. Afterwards all participants were split up in different parallel working groups with 10 to 20 participants.

Summing both days up we had more than 60 participants each day, which over 120 in total.

First Day 28th of June

The Stakeholder Workshop was opened with some welcome notes from the ACG – ATM Department Director Christian Kern and the SESAR Joint Undertaking – Program Manager Cengiz Ari. Two presentations followed on the  first day. Presentation slides of both days here.

Six working groups were conducted in parallel after the presentation:

  • Three parallel working groups  on “Readback Error Detection Assistant: What is a readback error?”
  • Two parallel working groups on “Standardizations related to Speech recognition”
  • One working group on “Access to speech training data in Europe”

At the end of the day each working group presented their results to the audience and a short preview was given on the content of the next workshop day.

Second Day 29th of June

The day started again with round about one hour of presentations, which can be found here.

After the presentations four parallel working groups were offered:

  • Two parallel working groups on “Readback Error Detection Assistant: HMI aspect of readback error detection”
  • One working group on “Human Performance”
  • One working group on “Workshop on legal aspects in ATM”

The Workshop ended with the presentation of the working group groups results and some closing words from the HAAWAII project lead Prof. Hartmut Helmke.

After the Stakeholder Workshop all partners started to evaluate the output of the different working groups. We got for sure a lot of good ideas, inputs and suggestions for the upcoming part of the project and much more we all learned a lot for the future of Automatic Speech Recognition and its challenges in ATM.

Summary of the working groups will soon be available here:

  • Readback Error Detection Assistant: What is a readback error?
  • Standardizations related to Speech recognition
  • Access to speech training data in Europe
  • Readback Error Detection Assistant: HMI aspect of readback error detection
  • Human Performance
  • Legal aspects in ATM