CoCoLoToCoCo – Automatic Semantic interpretation of ATC utterances

In the last blog we showed that CoCoLoToCoCo implements an ontology for annotation of ATC utterances agreed between 22 partners in the SESAR-2 solution 16-04 and extended in the HAAWAII project (CoCoLoToCoCo – Implementation of a Complex Annotation Ontology). Now lets go even a step further, assuming the ATC utterance is “lufthansa one two eight nine hello continue via november east and november your stand victor one zero nine”. What is the correct semantic interpretation of this utterance based on the annotation ontology?

CoCoLoToCoCo eases to generate the answer for that. The user can just click on the button “Generate Annotation” as shown in the figure below.

This automatically creates the annotation for the user based on the word sequence and makes the process a lot easier, but the automatic generation of annotations might sometimes not be perfect. Therefore, the user can correct the automatic annotations and also gets hints with respect to possible problems. An extra window can show the classification of words from the transcription and the commands they are supposed to belong to (see figure below).

Using these features in combination is a really fast way to create and easily check annotations. The callsign part is always highlighted in yellow. Words highlighted in red are not used for the semantic interpretation. Utterances containing many red words should be checked more carefully as compared to those with no red words, because a lot of red words could potentially meant that  important information from the transcription has been missed in the annotation.